Bringing Fitness Opportunities to the Wild West

Sarah Remacle, certified Beachbody Master Trainer, brings fitness opportunities to the Wild West, including Wyoming, Montana and Eastern Idaho. Sarah’s services include P90X and INSANITY Instructor certification, free Master Classes, fitness classes and Beachbody Coaching. She strives to create fitness communities and encourage people to renew their sexy. Learn more about Sarah or contact her today!

My Mission

My mission is to use my skills and experience in fitness and education to help people realize their potential to be instructors and leaders in their rural communities. In order to do this with increasing effectiveness, I will study and expand my own knowledge in the rural communities (Wyoming, Montana, and Eastern Idaho), education, fitness, sales, communication and social skills.I will strive for working, trusting relationships with my class attendees, club managers, fellow instructors, and social media followers. I will invest love, time, patience, encouragement and creativity into those relationships. I will listen more than I talk and be transparent in sharing personal insights and struggles. I will continue to reach out to all towns to offer Master Classes and Trainings to support their rural communities. From now on, I will strive for excellence in all of the above.
  • Fitness Classes
  • P90X Instructor Certification Workshops
  • INSANITY Instructor Certification Workshops
  • Free Master Classes – Demos for P90X and INSANITY
  • Beachbody Coach
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