These are just a few of the ways people know me. I love being a woman, leading by example. I love being loved by my hard-working, sexy husband. I love watching my children grow up into amazing people. I love teaching middle school and helping my students learn and grow. I love teaching my own fitness classes, building bonds of trust and faith in what we are doing, and watching their journey move forward. I love supporting people and helping them Glow Up and love themselves. And if you could see the look on women’s faces after their spray tan appointment with me, you’d know why I love being a spray tan artist!

I wasn’t always happy or accepting of some of the roles and titles I have. It took finding my way and loving myself before I could be what I needed for those I love and care about. It started with weight loss. We are not overweight because we are happy. We are overweight because something is wrong. For me, I was depressed, lacked self-confidence, felt alone, and expected someone else to make it better for me. As I approached 30, something just clicked for me. No significant event. No life changing moment. Just woke up one day and told myself, “THIS IS ENOUGH!” I started walking, bought a fitness program off an infomercial, TurboJam. Each day, I got up. Each week, I became better. Each month, I became happier. Each year, I became stronger. Since 2008, I have been focused on Glowing Up. I didn’t create someone new. I just found that light and spirit that had been hidden for a long time. I always had Sarah and all that she was meant to be. I just had to find her again. 60 pounds lighter, mastering my spray tanning skills, using exercise as my anti-depressant, relying on family, friends and fitness groups to support me, and letting love guide me, I am glowing. That comes from the inside out. When our spirits shine, we are exactly who we are supposed to be.

The journey is never over. I do believe all the work I did since 2008 gave me the foundation for what 2020 brought my family. Our oldest son died at the age of 20. Through the loss of my oldest son, I am learning myself all over again. I am on a journey I would have never anticipated. It takes all of me to remember to put my trust in God, who has given me purpose. I’m still here because I have work to do, and I know that all of you are designed with purpose. We can Glow Up even in our darkest of times, especially when we have each other. Let’s journey together.

Much love,

– Sarah

Sarah Remacle
  • BA in English
  • M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction
  • AFAA Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition Coach