• Avoid heavy make-up, lotions & oils on the face and body
  • Exfoliate and moisturize 2 days before your spray tan – a fresh body w/o deodorant is best day of the tan
  • Avoid using soaps with alpha-hydroxy or salicylic acne treatment
  • Shave the day before or morning of your appointment – avoid shaving hours or minutes before the tan
  • Do not put lotion on the day of your tanning appointment
  • Women commonly wear a bathing suit or g-string in dark colors or tan nude (my recommendation)
  • Men must wear running shorts, board shorts or fitted underwear
After: Protecting Your Tan

  • Dark, loose fitting clothes are a must – no tight clothing, bras, buckles, belts, straps, leggings or tight elastic
  • No touching! Be careful with pets and small children.
  • Avoid sweating, water, rain, and any splashing of water – take care when washing hands and skip the dishes tonight!
  • Avoid washing your face until the 10 hour mark. Avoid brushing your teeth.
  • The top layer of bronzer may get on clothing/sheets; it usually washes off, but may stain silk, nylon, or spandex
  • Wait 10 hours to shower.
  • For your first rinse off, the top coat of bronzer will come off.
  • 2nd day after tanning appointment, you can shower like normal. Protect your tan while showering. Avoid harsh soaps/scrubs the first week. Use my Glow Up shower set to help protect your tan and create healthier skin.
  • Keep your skin hydrated- avoid moisturizers that exfoliate skin or are heavy scented and oily. NO coconut oil. Use my exclusive Tan Extender Moisturizer, as it will hydrate your skin but also has our patented DHA in it. Apply morning and night.
  • Wear sunscreen as necessary; the DHA has no sunscreen and you will be more susceptible to burn. Avoid spray on sunscreen as they tend alcohol in it and will dry out your skin.
  • Hot tubs, pools, steam rooms, heavy sweat, and harsh soaps/scrubs shorten the life of your tan.


Be prepared – you may experience people staring at your beautiful and gorgeous glow!