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Elegant Daily Spa Bar


Because it is made with local foraged and grown ingredients, it is the best soap to use even when you aren’t tan! 

Smile Prep


Removes Stains and Plaque, Immediate Whitening, Sensitivity Free, Used Daily or before Whitening

Tanning Mousse


The self tanning mousse if for all skin types and is easy to apply, plus can also be used as a tan extender and moisturizer. First purchase of the tanning mousse will require the mitt set for application.

Whitening Gel


Replacement gel for the At Home Kit to whiten the teeth. Gel can also be used with your toothpaste nightly to prevent re-staining and improve oral health.

Whitening Mouthwash


For a smile purified by tropical waves this plant-powered mouthwash formula harnesses the energy of coconut and sea salt for optimum freshness and oral health. Use twice daily for best results.